Instructions on Tent Use


Instructions on Tent Use:
The tent itself: Everything will fit into a pickup truck with an 8 ft. bed.
2 end sections; 1 middle section, 4 side sections
3 bags for the three tent sections
2 center crank-up poles
Stakes #24
Side poles #24
Sledge hammers #2-3
For transport in a pickup: Place the long poles in first, then the short poles, then the stakes. Put the tent parts on top. Everything will ride well and safe.
Instructions: Have about 8 – 10 men present.
1.             Take the tent out of bags, untie the ropes, and lay the sections out. Make sure the top part is UP. You can know this when the tent side flaps are over the small ropes that hold up the sides. Remember how the tent is folded so that you can refold it the same way when you are through.
2.             Tie sections together with the ropes provided on the tent itself. First you tie the tent sections together and then tie the flaps over those sections. Please do not put undue stress on the rope holders. Please take shoes off when walking on the tent at all times. This protects the tent.
3.             When the tent is tied together, take the stakes and place one stake where each side rope is. Lay stake at the edge of the tent to get the length and at the end of the stake where it is away from the tent. Hammer the stake in about 2/3rd of its length, angling it out away from the tent. Do this with all the stakes before you do anything else!
4.             Then tie the ropes with a clove hitch knot. The clove hitch is the only knot that will make it easier to tighten and loosen the ropes and the only knot that will keep the ropes tight. Ropes must be tight at all times. Tie ropes near the top of the stake. Tie all ropes to stakes before going on, leaving lots of sag in the ropes. 
5.             Then place the 6-foot poles to tent, angling them inward, lifting the sides of the tent about 4 feet or so. This gives a bowl effect.
6.             After all the poles are around the tent, take the center poles to the inside of the tent and place them in the grommets at the two centers. Make sure the tip of the pole goes through both grommets in both sections of the tent at both center poles. Crank up the poles all the way. If there is too much strain on the ropes at this time, then loosen the ropes. Strain on the ropes at this time can rip the tent.
7.             After the center poles are extended, go to each side pole and straighten them up. If these poles are loose, you will have to take them down some and tighten the ropes again on the stakes. The tent must be tight all around. This keeps down wind damage. They may need to be tightened each day you have the tent.
8.             After all ropes are tight and tent is tight, then put up the sides of the tent. Make sure the sides go between the stakes and poles and clip onto the inside to the tent ropes that go completely around the tent. Be sure to overlap the side pieces. These protect the tent from the wind.
9.             If the men of the church have extra sledge hammers, have them bring them. It makes the work go faster.
Taking the tent down     
1.             Take center poles down first and pull them from under the tent.
2.             Undo ropes from the stakes and take out the side poles.
3.             Take up stakes. If you hit them at the bottom on both sides several times, the stakes should come up pretty easily.
4.             Undo tent sections Please take shoes off when walking on tent
5.             Fold the tent the back the way you unfolded it. This makes for easy opening for the next church.
6.             Roll (not fold) the tent sections up and tie them with the rope provided and put them into their bags.
7.             Make sure you have everything in order when you return the tent and please return all the pieces.
8.             If there is any damage please let us know immediately, and we will repair it. If you break a sledge hammer, please let us know.
9.             Please do not put the tent away wet or damp! This will cause mold and ruin the tent.
Remember, this is a service of Crossroads Baptist Association. The tent is provided free to all churches and missions who give financially to the association. If a church does not financially support the association, then a charge of $100 is required for tent use.
  September 2018  
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